iDirect iQ now available on all networks outside Europe

Worldwide networks revolutionised with implementation of latest hardware

Portsmouth, UK, December 21, 2018 - Bentley Walker, the largest supplier and operator of VSAT Networks outside of North America, has announced today that it will release the iDirect iQ Desktop and iDirect iQ 200 modems for all Freedomsat networks outside Europe by the end of January. The upgrade will provide higher efficiencies and superior throughputs at better prices for customers and resellers alike.

Matthew Walker, MD of Bentley Walker, said:

“The iQ modem allows us to provide throughputs over 100Mbps and efficiencies up to 256APSK. The iQ Desktop harnesses the power of an Evolution X7 at almost half the price of the Evolution X1 - making it not only better for the end user, but more accessible too - without mentioning the racehorse that is the iQ 200. This is an exciting development and one that our partners have shown a great interest in - so we are thrilled that we can implement it at the start of next year.”


Over the course of the next month, the Network Operation Centres (NOCs) will be upgraded to support the iDirect iQ series alongside the existing ‘legacy’ series of iDirect Evolution modems (X1/X3/X5/X7). This will be rolled out at the Cyprus NOC (for Hylas 2 in south Iraq and South Sudan), Mount Jackson NOC (for T11 and T12v) and Cobbett Hill NOC (for AM8 and AM6). This means all our Ka-band, Ku-band and C-band networks (excluding Tooway and Avanti) will start to run on the iQ series as standard. However, legacy hardware will not need to be replaced and our partners can continue to operate with a mixture of modems - offering even more flexibility and opportunities.

Anthony Walker, CEO of Bentley Walker, said:

“The iQ Desktop is a game changer for our business. It unlocks a new era of satellite connectivity and opens attractive new opportunities. We believe that iDirect has the best DVB-S2X product in the market and gives us a true leadership edge. As iDirect expands the iQ series product line, we will continue to deepen our investment to bring continuous value to our customers, staying ahead of demand in this dynamic market.”

For more details on these modems and the services available for existing or new customers/partners, we encourage you to get in touch with the Sales Department on 0044 2392 311 103 or


About Bentley Walker
Bentley Walker is ranked as the largest supplier and operator of VSAT Networks outside of North America. Comsys independently audited Bentley Walker as having around 45% of the Market in Europe and the Middle East, to date having sold and brought online over 40,000 VSATs.

Bentley Walker Ltd and Bentley Telecom are both privately owned Companies, the former started in 1947 by the Late LT Commander C Walker (George Cross DSC, DSO, DFC) RNVR in 1947 and is currently run and owned by Mr. Anthony Walker and Mr. Matthew Walker.