Here at Freedomsat, we are committed to achieving our goal of universal access to superfast broadband across the United Kingdom – irrespective of how remote your home or business is.

That is why we are always analysing the telecommunications market and keeping track of emerging trends and products to make sure our customers have the latest and best made available to them.

Therefore, we are excited to announce that Freedomsat UK has partnered with Jola Cloud Solutions to offer superfast and reliable 4G internet connectivity for homes and businesses around the country.

You are probably familiar with 4G and generally quite impressed by the internet you can get on your mobile. In recent years, 4G has become faster and more widely available than ever - in fact sometimes you can get a faster connection through your phone than through your home broadband! So, why not say adieu to your old connection and welcome the freedom that is given by using 4G as your main connection?

Here are just a few of the highlights of the Freedomsat 4G service:

  • Real-time usage data
    Unlike with our competitors, there is no risk of being charged extra for going over your allowance.

  • Super-fast 4G internet connectivity
    Fast and reliable access to the internet in any location with a good 4G signal.

  • Plug and play
    Easy set-up with no installation necessary. If you are in a low 4G signal area, there is the option for a mast to be professionally installed.

  • Portable
    By only requiring 12V of electricity, it can be powered by a car, laptop, portable battery pack or mains.

  • Government subsidy funding available up to £350
    Going to one of the larger providers such as EE/02/Vodafone directly will not qualify for the subsidy scheme.

  • One-touch Wi-Fi sharing
    Easily connect multiple devices to the Freedomsat 4G router.

  • Tailor your packages to meet the exact requirements of your needs
    Choice of cost-effective data packages from 2GB to 200GB per month with 2GB to 100GB monthly bolt-ons on Vodafone.

  • Static IPs available
    Ability to connect devices to the internet for real-time monitoring and network access.

  • UK based support team
    Access to a direct line for the support/accounts/sales teams rather than waiting in a queue for advice. Gone are the days of waiting an eternity to speak to a different agent every time you call – welcome to the simpler and more personal approach.