The link back home…

When you have had a long day on your feet, sun beating down on you, not sure when you’ll be able to fit in your next uninterrupted meal and a sense of danger in the back of your mind – the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether you have enough minutes left to call your family back home. So, don’t…

We know that one of the biggest strains on soldiers when on operational duties is being cut off from their loved ones back home – as well as a need to fill the quiet hours. That is why we endeavour to provide the best services at the lowest costs for soldiers on tour with our Freedomsat networks in the Middle East and Africa.

With our Freedomsat system, you will have fast and reliable broadband whenever you need it – wherever you need it.


This means voice calls back home to hear about your partner’s day and video calls to tuck your kids into bed at night or show your face at that birthday party you would have missed.

This means streaming films, the latest episodes of your favourite TV show, that super important sports match you really couldn’t miss – and any other videos to pass the time! And, after 3 months of listening to the same songs on your iPod, streaming or downloading some new music.

This means staying in touch with your friends from Civvy Street on social media – you won’t miss out on any of those stupid Snapchat stories of drunken nights out, arty photos of your friend’s latest mochaccino on Instagram or cute pictures of cats on Facebook.

Ultimately, this means true digital freedom.

We have decades of experience working with individual soldiers and militaries to provide satellite TV and satellite internet whilst on operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Morocco and many other countries across the Middle East and Africa.

For more information, contact one of our friendly advisers on or 0044 2392 311 103.