A strong and successful long term partnership

This is our 15th year of a successful and exciting partnership moving from initial shared Ku services operating with Hughes through to today as a full Ku and Ka operator in multiple regions. We look forward to many more years continuing to operate Hughes networks utilisting their latest technologies.

Our choice for broadband networks

  • 15 years in business
  • 13 Network Hubs operated
  • Around 25,000 remote terminals sold

HX and HN platforms:

HX/HN Systems consists of the HN NOC (or hub) and the remote terminals and appliances, and runs over C-, Ku- or Ka-Band satellite capacity. The core of the System is the HX/HN NOC, which provides high-speed transmission of IP packets to and from the remote terminals. Based on DVB-S/S2 and IPoS standards, the HN System consists of baseband processing equipment, IF subsystem, control subsystem and network management system.

The Hughes HX/HN platform provides us with a highly capable, fully featured product with the flexibility to offer a broad range of Satellite IP broadband services across all target markets.

Proven, robust architecture

A true carrier grade satellite broadband system, Hughes is a recognised brand for delivering quality, high performance Satellite Broadband subscriber networks.

Simple, yet insightful hardware

Easy to install and configure via the web GUI, the Hughes modem also provides a comprehensive breakdown of the modem state and clear indication of any potential problems.

Main advantages:

  • Established, proven platform
  • On demand streaming services for guaranteed VoIP
  • Flexible bandwidth allocation
  • High throughput capability
  • Simple setup, configuration and diagnostics
  • Fully featured router
  • Broadcast/multicast applications
  • Widest range of packages for consumers, SMEs, corporate users

View our installation video: