Disaster Recovery

Bentley Walker disaster recovery provides emergency connectivity for the business critical online operations of our commercial customers. Loss of internet connectivity can result in huge damage to the day to day running of a modern enterprise, with substantial lost revenue. With our disaster recovery service, Bentley Walker can get a business online again with the power of satellite Internet and our flexible and affordable switchover solution.

We partner with the world-leading technology providers to bring you the most effective and reliable satellite Internet solutions available today. Our satellite networks are implemented to the highest standards to provide unrivalled availability on the satellite Internet platform. Our purpose-designed disaster recovery accounting ensure you only pay for the full implementation when you need it, with the flexibility of on-demand provision ensuring the highest level of availability for the most economical cost.

  • Totally independent of the phone network
  • Removes a critical point of failure
  • On-demand billing

If you have a disaster recovery requirement to keep your business connected, contact Bentley Walker today for advice from the experts in satellite Internet switchover technology.