Mobile Satellite Internet

Bentley Walker's mobile satellite internet solutions provide instant broadband solutions wherever they are needed. Our mobile systems are small enough to be vehicle portable, yet sophisticated enough to deliver consumer, commercial and even enterprise grade service even in harsh environments.

As one of the world leaders in satellite internet solutions we understand the needs of mobile satellite internet users and partner with the best technology provides to meet those needs. Our hand picked range of mobile satellite internet solutions not only provide unbeatable coverage and connectivity, but can be deployed in minutes – getting you online when you need to be, wherever you may be.

Our fast deployment mobile systems are utilised by a wide range of organisations and industries, including:

  • Military and civil defence

  • Emergency and rescue services

  • Oil and Gas industry

  • Media / Field Production

  • Medical Services

EchoStar Mobile

Providing connectivity for small and medium sized enterprises, large corporations, government agencies and consumers throughout Europe.

EchoStar Mobile’s satellite-based platform, designed and developed by Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HNS), leverages the ETSI GMR-1 3G air interface standard, enabling wireless mobile devices to communicate over the satellite.

+ EchoStar Mobile Overview

  • EchoStar Mobile (EML) is a mobile operator providing connectivity across Europe through a hybrid satellite and terrestrial network.
  • EML holds an S-Band MSS and Complementary Ground Component license that can offer mobile voice and data services with complete coverage across Europe.
  • EML provides commercial wholesalers with a new, advanced network for reliable, IP-based mobile satellite services (MSS) voice and data services in Europe.
  • In the future, this network will be integrated with a complementary ground component.
  • The network enables increased connectivity for small and medium sized enterprises, large corporations, government agencies and consumers.
  • Potential applications include Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), web browsing and email.
  • The communications network offered by EML can benefit new and existing markets in served and underserved areas, including public safety, disaster relief and automotive connectivity.
  • The MSS services are provided by the EchoStar XXI satellite which is owned and operated by EML’s parent, EchoStar corporation.
  • EchoStar XXI has a dedicated S-band payload with an 18m antenna reflector delivering coverage across Europe through formed spot beams enabling the use of smaller device antennas for mobile services including IoT, M2M & PPDR.
  • EML’s end-to-end service can meet the demand for small form factor, low power consumption and lower cost remote devices.

  • EML’s MSS services provide ubiquitous performance throughout Europe including hard-to-reach coverage areas,

  • Offering high availability with low susceptibility to rain fade
  • Enables hybrid solutions with other access technologies to provide highly resilient networks
  • EML’s user friendly web GUI enables easy deployment using a smart phone
  • EML’s end-to-end S-Band MSS services provide a cost effective solution
  • Easy to deploy

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